From the depths… Life.

Located 3.25 miles east of Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida, Neptune Memorial ReefTM is the largest man-made reef ever conceived and, when complete, will have transformed over 16 acres of barren ocean floor. The Neptune Memorial Reef project is environmentally sound and meets the strict guidelines and permitting of the EPA, DERM, NOAA, Florida Fish and Wildlife and the Army Corps of Engineers. The Neptune Memorial Reef is also a member of the Green Burial Council.

Our completed first phase is a classical re-creation of the Lost City, 40 feet under the sea. These structures have produced a marine habitat to promote coral and marine organism's growth while creating the ultimate 'Green Burial' opportunity. A recent marine study conducted by the Department of Environmental Resource Management concluded that marine life around the Reef has gone from the zero to thousands in two years.

A New Tradition of Visiting Loved

Ones Boat activity at the site is brisk, with families chartering boats or taking their own to snorkel or simply be at the site. Some family members actually become dive certified, enabling them to visit the site, to see their loved ones and monitor the Reef's growth.

Many of our local families dive the reef on a regular basis to visit their loved ones. One family, in particular, has been out 5 times in as many months.

In addition to providing a permanent legacy for those who loved the ocean, the Neptune Memorial Reef is attracting recreational scuba divers, marine biologists, students, researchers and ecologists from all over the world. The Reef is free and accessible to all visitors.

For further information visit their website Neptune Memorial Reef.