As mentioned here the CCANSW is now more active on social media platforms. We crosss post and link  to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the CCANSW Linkedin Group.  Anything we post on one social medium is posted on all the others. However comments and responses may vary between platforms, there may be posts from others on social media, and not all articles published on social media will appear on the CCANSW website

To take some of the pressure off and avoid unecessary repetiion we are going to limit our posts on the CCANSW news website to state and national (NSW & AU) relevance. Other news and items of interest will only be posted to social media. 

In regard to articles & links that appear only on our social media, you will be able to access them from any CCANSW domain home page.

Twitter Widget

A Twitter widget has been incorporated into the website. It appears and floats at the top right when viewing a CCANSW domain home page. Clicking or tapping the widget will pop up a slider listing the most recent CCANSW posts on Twitter

Twitter Updates

We will also publish a list of recent social media posts each Sunday to keep you up to date with what's happening in our industry.