Phillip SmallmanPhil is an injured worker, living more than 24 years in a wheelchair.  

Phil understands the ‘why’ of safety. Through living the ‘costs’ associated with injury.

Phil’s definition of safety is unlike any other.  Phil understands culture change and the corresponding journey.  

Phil helps people understand just where they are on the journey, with particular focus on attitudes to safety.  

Phil’s presentation will explore the safety journey which will provide participants with an indication of where they are (as individuals) on the ‘journey’ as well as an organisational indicator.

He will speak about the difference between a compliant mindset (forced behaviour) versus a committed mindset (volunteered behaviour), ultimately speaking about our attitude towards safety.

Conference attendees will leave in no doubt as to what the ‘essence of safety’ is all about and also with a clear understanding that one person can make a difference and that collectively they are an integral part of culture change..