Wollongong City Council

Wollongong City Council has been a member Crematorium & Cemeteries Association of NSW since 1982.

I have been a member also been a member through my employment at Wollongong City Council as the Crematorium and Cemeteries Coordinator for over the past 20 years.

Over the period of years of membership Wollongong City Council have had staff involved and have held positions on the board  and involvement on working committees and have attended many conferences, cemetery and crematorium visits and inspections and field days.

Our membership with the association has been very valuable to our organisation with being able to keep up with industry contacts, trends, changes to legislation, industry movement, improvements and progression.

Our organisation over the period of our membership have gained and experienced very valuable knowledge, skills and insights into the industry.

We have gained extensive networking opportunities through a very diverse range of industry providers and suppliers, Crematorium and Cemeteries operational staff and management.

We have been able to utilise our networking contacts to coordinate visits and field days to other facilities for our staff to be able to consult with other operational staff in our industry to be able to share and benchmark experiences, knowledge and skills.

This has been a very valuable tool for our operational, admin and sales teams as they have been able to share experiences, ideas to improve our performance and provide a better product for our customers.”

John Chilby
Operations Manager Crematorium + Cemeteries (Acting)
Wollongong City Council

Albury City Council 

CCANSW provides regular and timely updates on all cemetery and crematoria information specific to NSW. As well as keeping abreast of industry news and changes both nationally and internationally. CCANSW ensures no matter what size the operation you have the same access to information and members who are always willing to share information and ideas. CCANSW is a professional organisation which has a good relationship with key stakeholders in particular AFDA NSW/ACT.”

John Vogel

Team Leader - Cemeteries and Crematoria

Glenmorus Memorial Gardens


MidCoast Council – Great Lakes Area NSW

Great Lakes Council (GLC) has been a voting member of the CCANSW for well over a decade. When GLC joined in 1998 the membership experience was a very lively, socially connected, informative one and today that experience has only continued to grow and improve.

Being a member of CCANSW means that you are part of a large and diverse group of cemetery industry professionals, which is a melting pot for ideas sharing, leadership mentoring, legal and risk management information, marketing strategies and Federal / State Government requirements. In addition to the above you are exposed to great memorialisation and infrastructure ideas such as innovative and environmentally sustainable water features or reticulated systems, strategies for squeezing the most out of burial land available and educational opportunities through partnerships the association have forged with TAFE NSW, and the list goes on.

I personally have been given the opportunity to spend a week at a leading metropolitan cemetery in Sydney, which was a most enlightening and positive experience professionally, through a CCANSW programme.

In a snapshot - I think the most valuable benefits of being a CCANSW member (particularly if you are from a regional location) is the ideas sharing, the informative sessions around legislation, the NSW Cemetery review, marketing, memorialisation, pricing and especially the connectedness with others in the industry.”

Janet Thompson
Cemetery Services Officer
MidCoast Council – Great Lakes Area NSW.

The Palmdale Group

 “I have worked in the funeral industry for the past eight years. The CCANSW is always there to assist with information and support when required. Attending conferences run by CCANSW has allowed me to form a great network of people working within the industry. The association is very proactive organising industry training – my staff and I have attended courses supported by the association. I feel it is a great benefit to me having access to and the support of the CCANSW.”

Kathy Winter
Memorials Manager
The Palmdale Group

Lake Macquarie City Council

Lake Macquarie City Council has been an active member of CCANSW for 10 years.

As a member of the association, I have been able to network and liaise with “like” minded people across the industry, including trust, privately run and other council cemeteries.

The two conferences a year (that usually offer free registration) give “lone” cemetery workers from regional parts of NSW the opportunity to meet with both suppliers and other industry workers from NSW and the ACT.

Conference topics are always “on trend” covering, operational, strategic, legal and innovative information. The site visits are integral to the conference. You may visit a large “boutique” cemetery and be amazed and awed at its size, products and services, but you will also be able to look and realise, “I can do that on a smaller scale for my families in my cemetery!!”

I enjoy getting regular emails from the website with stories and industry news from across the world. Where else would you find in one location, a catalogue of industry information and up to date articles on virtual cemeteries, new burial methods, historical facts, cultural interpretations and new ideas?

As a member of this association, I have gathered a “Brains Trust” and friendships from the networking opportunities with colleagues which has greatly benefitted my council and me.”

Donna Davis
Cemeteries Officer

Hilltops Council

“CCANSW have been an invaluable resource to Council. The friendly members are always happy to share information and resources, with the conferences providing an ideal opportunity to discuss cemetery matters with like-minded people.”

Vickie Telfer
Liquid Trade Water Officer, Hilltops Council