• To support the highest standard of service to the families we serve through the sharing of ideas, skills and experience and the study of burial, cremation, funeral practices and consumer trends..

  • To promote the professional operation of cemeteries, crematoria and funeral homes, for the purpose of dignified burial, cremation, memorialisation, and celebration of life.

  • To foster and encourage any legislation as may be necessary for the betterment of the death care industry consistent with the highest ethical standards, and to advise and co-operate with the government in the implementation of such legislation.

  • To assist families in their understanding of bereavement.

  • To help the community access information about memorialisation, genealogy, memorialisation and services CCANSW members provide.

When the CCA NSW was created in 1965, it was a vehicle through which providers of cemetery, crematorium and memorialisation services could exchange ideas and information, in order to improve both professional standards and customer service levels.

Like the community that its members serve, the Association has evolved.

It recognises that, in this technological age, it has an important role to play in providing information to the community about

  • the availability of local cemetery and cremation facilities and the services on offer

  • what is happening within the death care industry not only within Australia but around the world

  • Association events and activities

It also proactively shares information with other industry associations and their members. Promoting the open exchange of information helps to raise professional standards and ultimately benefits the client families and communities our members serve.

Like the Association, the nature of our membership is also evolving. Here in N.S.W. some cemetery and cremation facilities are operated by not for profit trusts, others by local councils or private enterprise. A number of our private enterprise members have vertically integrated their business interests by also operating funeral businesses.

Despite differences in their business structures, members share some common objectives

  • providing dignified burial, cremation and memorialization services

  • promoting the celebration of life

  • demystifying the processes and procedures associated with funerals, burials and cremation.

In turn the Association serves its members and the community by fostering mutually beneficial networks, sharing information, providing courses for professional development and acting as an advocate for good governance and continuous improvement.

One of our visions is to implement a burial and cremation record search engine. The engine would return a summary of available online burial and cremation data  from a single point search. The initial principal target and audience is New South Wales, Australia and New Zealand.