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  • Our week on Twitter

    During the past week we tweeted and retweeted about urban cemeteries becoming the new art galleries, the need to talk about death, a couple of old cemeteries in the USA, the first USA cemetery to allow eco friendly "human composting", a police pursuit of a streaker in a cemetery, a timely warning about commonly hacked passwords, a charming video reflection on the great botanical illustrator Stan Kelly, another art exhibition, this time in a crematorium, Christine Smyth's journey into talk back radio, cemetery fee hikes in New Zealand, a UK cemetery opening a section for sports fans, and much more...

    Our full Twitter feed is here.

  • Pearson’s predictions: the most sought-after jobs and skills of 2030

    Pearson commissioned research by the Oxford Martin School and global innovation think tank, Nesta, to determine the nature of employment in the future. In this article we unpack the findings from this research: the occupations and – critically – the skills predicted to experience increased demand by 2030.

  • Some of our recent tweets about ...

    ... the Red Army Cemetery of Zhongguan Village, the young woman working to open Ireland's first "eco" crematorium, when cemeteries became natural sanctuaries, the UK Govt to update crematoria provisions to reflect cultures and faiths, your funeral rights and how to avoid disputes, woven coffins and not-for-profit funerals: Breathing new life into the death trade, and much more. Follow us on Twitter

  • Some of our tweets and re-tweets last week...

     Our tweets last weeks included links to stories about an owner of a cemetery in the USA claiming  there's no longer any money in it, a  woman being awarded  $12m  SCI in settlement over lost ashes,  some tips on "How to avoid funeral bill shock, a come back for funeral mounds,  Innes Gardens Memorial Park in NSW, no room for the dead in Hong Kong,

  • Tweet highlights from last week

    Here's a few of our tweets from last week that you might find interesting

  • Tweet highlights from last week

    Here's a couplle of tweets and re-tweets you might have missed last week

  • Twitter Highlights 25-2-19 to 3-3-19

    Last week we  twittered, tweeted and retweeted about a Supreme Court recognizing a hand written note as a will, ten funeral home gardens, parents concerned about the whereabouts of ashes, storm damage to a cemetery in Queensland, William Barrett and Sons to soon unveil “State’s best” funeral care centre, cremation in Malta (or not), an (old0 scare about radiated bodies, and more.

  • Twitter highlights from last week

    Our highlighted posts on Twitter included articles about a Sikh community objecting to a crematorium opening across from a pub, a bunch of high school students digitally mapping burial sites, cremation in Israel, and Zimbabweans being concerned that cremation threatens ancestral spirits.

  • Twitter highlights from last week

    Some of the tweets we posted last week included links to stories about The Friends of Evandale Catholic Cemetery restoration project,  an obituary about a smoking hot body, Wagga Wagga citizens' concern about cemeteries "digging up bodies", Cessnock City Council putting its cemeteries master plan on public exhibition, the emaning of symbols on headstones, how orthometals recycling is helping charities, LGBTQ story telling in cemeteries,  how Abraham Lincoln's embrace of embalming birthed the American Funeral Industry, and more,,,,

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    This article came in on our twitter feed. It may be aimed at funeral directors, but the points mentioned do apply to cemetery & crematorium operators as well.