• bubble man questionCCANSW members may be aware that a series of online surveys is underway. Its purpose is to help the Executive Committee plan for future directions, events and meet members' expectations.

    The first of the surveys was recently completed. The response and participation rate was extremely encouraging, making the exercise most worthwhile. 

  • Subject to the CCA's Constitution, any person, firm, company, Council, Trust or Church may apply for membership of the Association. Application must be made on the official Application Form available from the association (see attachment). All applications are forwarded to the Membership Committee who will either recommend endorsement, rejection or otherwise deal with the application, including their recommendation as to category of membership applicable.

    Membership Categories

    Full Member:

    Full Members are firms, Trusts, companies, Churches, Councils or other organisations which administer the affairs of a cemetery and/or crematorium for the disposal of human remains in NSW and ACT. Voting rights are determined based on the number of burials and/or cremations per year.


    Affiliate Members are natural persons, firms, organisations or companies who are funeral directors or monumental masons. No voting rights are applicable to this membership category.


    Associate Members are natural persons, firms, organisations or companies who are suppliers to members or otherwise associated with the industry. No voting rights are applicable to this membership category.

    Life Members:

    Life Members, are individuals who by reason of having made significant contributions to the industry and who have retired from direct involvement therein and have been so appointed by members at an Annual General Meeting. No voting rights are applicable to this membership category.

    Honorary Members:

    Honorary Members are individuals who by reason of having provided valuable service to the industry although not having been directly involved as a full member and have been so appointed by members at an Annual General Meeting. No voting rights are applicable to this membership category.

    Allied Status Registration

    Cemetery or crematorium entities operating in Australian and which are financial members of another prescribed cemetery & crematoria association may  apply for allied status. Follow this link, fill in the form and submit it.

    Website Registration

    The CCA welcomes participation in its website. Non members are encouraged to subscribe to the CCA's news letter and as web site usersso that they can access the discussion forumsand contribute content.


    Register as a website user

    CCANSW full membership application

    Allied Status Application

    IMPORTANT- you must be registered user of the website to access the Allied Status Membership Application/


  • The Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of NSW (CCANSW) recognises the importance of proactively working with the community, its own members and those of similar organisations across Australasia. With that objective in mind the CCA is very pleased to be able to offer allied status to financial (cemetery and crematorium) members of other state based cemetery and crematorium associations, including ACCA. Subject to the Terms and Conditions, no fees apply.

    The benefits, terms and conditions by which the Allied Status invitation is extended are set out below:

    Benefits include:

    Terms & Conditions of Allied Status Membership:

    • Must be a registered website user
    • Must be a cemetery and/or crematoria who are financial members of another Australian cemeteries & crematoria association (CCAV, CCASA, CCAWA, QCCA & ACCA)
    • CCANSW Website Privacy Policy
    • CCANSW Website Policy
    • Application must be by one of the prescribed online methods
    • CCANSW is incorporated in NSW under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984 and is registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). 
    • Subject to these conditions, Allied Status registration is free
    • The CCANSW reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Allied Status registration.

    Apply for Allied Status Registration

    IMPORTANT: You need to be a register user of this website and logged in.

    .Fill in the application form


     Contact the CCANSW secretary with your details and we will follow up with you.

  • Locale Consulting LogoThe CCANSW extends a warm welcome to new member, Locale Consulting. Locale Consulting works for local councils and not for profit organisations who need help navigating the complexities of the government system. 

  • Version 5:
    Adopted: 22nd June 2017
    Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of New South Wales
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    Address: PO Box A233, Sydney South NSW 1235
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  • frances family funeral logoWe welcome Andrew France, delegate for CCANSW latest new member, Port Stephens Cremations,  owned and operated by France Family Funerals of Port Stephens, NSW.

    France Family Funerals has been operating since 1882 in the Port Stephens and adjoining regional areas.  It's facilities include the Nelson Bay and Mayfield Chapels and Mortuary along with  Stockton and Toronto Arrangement Centres.

    NB: CCANSW members may view Andrew's profile online, after logging in. 



  • In addition to the website's resources available to visitors and registered users, CCNSW members have access to a Members Only site and a s special discussion forumarea  - you need to be logged in with a CCANSW member's delegate account to access these resources.

    Members Only Website

    The site is primarily an online document store containing information such as minutes, governance documents, industry reports and restricted information. As a member you can search for and view documents. You can also submit files for other members to share.

    CCANSW Members only discussion forum

    A forum where CCANSW members can discuss sensitive issues - the forum can only be accessed by CCANSW members