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The Cemeteries & Crematorium Index is compiled by the CCANSW using information supplied by members and website users. Additionally the index is synchronized periodically with other publicly available ones across the internet, notably the ones maintained  by  the National Trust and  Cemeteries & Crematoria NSW (see Disclaimer).

Special Note (Disclaimer):

Cemetery & crematorium records listed in the index are derived from the CCANSW membership, web searches using a number of common search engines and a master list maintained by Cemeteries and Crematoria New South Wales. The CCANSW periodically synchronises with the CCNSW list. Missing data may be updated or added from the CCNSW list,

The CCANSW list is part of an effort  to develop a universal burial and cremation records search system.

Please note: The CCANSW list uses POP UP windows in your web browser.